Venture investment into innovation activity: international experience and modern realities in Ukraine


Venture investment into innovation activity as the key element of venture entrepreneurship is one of the important areas of innovation policy of any country. Analysis of global tendencies in the development of venture investment into innovation activity at the present stage indicates the dynamics of public investment’s growth compared to the dynamics of private investment. The key problem of the modern Ukrainian model of venture industry development, which is implemented at the state level, is the imbalance between public and private investment, which must be promptly eliminated. Venture investment into innovation activity in many countries has been recently developing too fast, which is due to the growing distrust of many investors in the system of functioning of financial markets, which have repeatedly demonstrated their lack of flexibility and lack of stability in crisis situations.
The result of the conducted research is the conclusion that the creation of the necessary venture infrastructure is carried out in the direct relationship with the creation of innovative infrastructure, whose construction has significant economic and social effects. By the example of many countries we can trace how a well-built venture mechanism within the country may influence the extent of the positive impact on the country’s economy. Infrastructure solutions such as business incubators, accelerators and technology parks play an important role, since they also directly contribute to the region’s global economic transformation into an innovation-oriented one.


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