The article consists of 14 pages, contains a preface, which considers the relevance of the studying industrial parks` legislation in Bulgaria, as an example of a fairly successful legal regulation of the activity of industrial parks in the country, the purpose of the study, the degree of scientific development of the topic, the main part, conclusions, reflections about the perspective of partly use “About Industrial Parks” Legislative Act of Bulgaria in domestic legislation in the future. The article is devoted to research and analysis Bulgarian “About Industrial Parks” Legislative Act and a comparison of similar legislation in our country. It is concluded that Bulgarian 2021 “About Industrial Parks” Legislative Act is not perfect, but it is significantly ahead of the similar domestic law in terms of clarity of legal regulation of the activity of industrial parks. Among the points that are imperfect, there is an almost complete absence of environmental requirements, which is currently relevant in global legislation, and a certain confusion in terminology. Among the positive aspects there are completeness and integrity of the legal regulation of industrial parks in Bulgaria, flexibility regarding the types of owners of industrial parks, their relations with operators and participants of industrial parks, the possibility of old industrial parks to continue their activities, etc. The activity of the Bulgarian government regarding the support of national industrial parks is investigated separately. Considering the closeness of the borders and the similar history of Ukraine and Bulgaria, we found this experience very useful for our country.


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