Concept and purpose of training law-enforcement forces’ personnel for performing service and combat missions


The analysis of the provisions of the current legislation, which establishes the legal status of units of law enforcement forces, has been conducted. The relevant subjects have been systematized. Service and combat missions, executed by law-enforcement forces have been reviewed. Scientific opinions on the essence of the concept of “training of personnel” have been summarized. Methodology. A number of up-to-date methods of scientific cognition, in particular: analytical,
structural and logical, systemic-functional, and method of documentary analysis have been used in the article. Results. It has been noted that the execution of service and combat missions by units of the law enforcement forces regarding the provision of internal security of Ukraine from unlawful infringements requires the performance of a number of professional actions by personnel, involving a special instrumentarium, thus the special approach to the training of relevant personnel should be taken. It has been suggested to understand the training of personnel in the context of the presented issue as the process of formation of professional theoretical knowledge and practical skills among people, which together contribute to the proper performance of duties by the employee (civil servant), in particular, the execution of service and combat missions regarding the provision of internal security of Ukraine from unlawful infringements. It has been noted that the importance and significance of training of law-enforcement forces personnel for execution of service and combat missions regarding
the provision of internal security of Ukraine from unlawful infringements can not be overestimated, as the ultimate aim of the relevant training is not simply to provide the appropriate units with professional personnel, but also to enable them to carry out their tasks properly.


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