Place of Administrative Law Norms in the System of Legal Principles of Implementing Control and Supervision in the Sphere of Physical Culture and Sports


The author has paid attention to the fact that legal principles of control and supervision in the sphere of physical culture and sports can be considered in two contexts. Thus, they represent, on the one hand, a set of regulatory legal acts of different legal force, the norms of which are aimed at regulating social relations in a certain sphere of social life. On the other hand, legal principles are a set of principles, which are the basis for certain activity. In our opinion, it is most appropriate to talk about the first aspect of the indicated problematic issue within the context of the presented problems.

It has been noted that each of by-laws presented in the article to one degree or another regulates various legal relationships that arise during the implementation of control or supervision in the sphere of physical education and sports. Unlike laws, which have a much more global nature, sub-legal documents are local documents that are issued for the purpose of practical implementation of legal provisions and the context of which is limited by the authorities of the subject of their issuance.

It has been established that the key place within the system of legal principles of supervision and control in the sphere of physical culture and sports belongs to the norms of administrative law, because they help: a) to determine the procedure and procedural aspects of the implementation of the relevant control and supervision activities; b) to establish the forms and methods of supervision and control; c) to establish the legal status of controlling and controlled entities; d) to reveal the principles of interaction between the population and public administration agencies on the implementation of the rights and interests of citizens in the sphere of sports and physical culture.


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