Police Chief’s Tasks as a Subject of Law and Discipline Enforcement


The author of the article has studied the main tasks facing the police chief as a subject of law and discipline enforcement. The author has emphasized the multi-functionality of powers of the police chief and his main task – creation of conditions for subordinates to exercise their rights and fulfill their duties in accordance with the requirements defined by regulatory legal acts. The understanding of the chief’s intra-organizational activities has been studied in the article and it has been indicated that the chief’s tasks are quite complex and should be based both on the chief’s  availability of appropriate administrative, managerial, punitive and other powers and on his personal authority. The spectrum of his general tasks has been outlined; the understanding of the concept of “law and discipline enforcement” as an evaluation category has been indicated. It has been stated that the concept of “law and discipline enforcement” is not clear enough and is not revealed in any regulatory legal act that regulates the activities of the police, and therefore this concept is difficult to correctly and fully interpret and understand. The main reasons and conditions for law and discipline violations within the police work have been analyzed; and on this basis the author has made a conclusion about the inefficiency of the chief’s work, who cannot fully exercise their organizational and control powers. It has been emphasized that the chief must motivate subordinates to comply with the law and discipline, form their correct idea of legality and clear performance of official duties, legal orders and directives of higher management. The author has determined the main tasks of the police chief in matters of law and discipline enforcement in the following areas: in the field of regulatory and legal work; in the HR sphere; in the field of considering law and discipline violations; in the field of analyzing the compliance with the law and compliance with official discipline of subordinates of the National Police; in the field of public activity, etc.


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