Types and Areas of Legal Provision of the Activities of Higher Educational Institutions with Specific Learning Conditions


It is argued that the legal provision of higher educational institutions with specific learning conditions should be divided depending on the measures implemented by specially authorized entities (usually, divisions (Departments) of legal provision into: 1) regulatory legal provision, in particular: a) development and adoption of regulatory documents aimed at regulating the activities of the higher educational institution; b) verifying the situation of the compliance with the norms of the current legislation of the higher educational institution and its structural units; c) conclusion of contracts (agreements) necessary for the functioning of higher educational institutions with specific learning conditions; 2) organizational provision: a) implementation of control and supervisory activities over the work of structural units of the higher educational institution; b) reviewing materials based on the results of external inspections; c) reviewing citizens’ appeals; d) organization of human resources; e) implementation of measures of logistical, technical and financial nature; 3) information and analytical provision, in particular: a) provision of information to the management staff about the activities of the structural units of the higher educational institution; b) educational work aimed at improving the legal awareness of the employees of the higher educational institutions; c) implementation of organizational and methodical provision of the normative activity of the higher educational institution, etc.


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