USA and Great Britain Experience Regarding the Execution of State Supervision (Control) Over the Compliance With Law Requirements in the Fire Safety Area


It has been summarized that quite effective systems of state supervision (control) over the compliance and implementation of the requirements of legislation in the fire safety area were formed in most of the leading countries of Europe and the world. Besides, the vast majority of countries have approaches and standards regarding the implementation of control and supervision activities that are similar to Ukraine ones. In particular, appropriate supervision (control) in many states is carried out within the competence of specialized state authorities, such as the State Fire Service or other similar state institutions. However, there are independent agencies in some countries that supervise over the compliance with fire safety requirements, in particular they are the UK and the USA.

The following positive international experience of state supervision (control) over the compliance with and implementation of the requirements of legislation in the fire safety area has been highlighted, which should be used in Ukraine: on the example of the USA and Great Britain, it has been offered to create independent institutions, whose powers will include the assistance to the State Emergency Service within supervision (control) in the fire safety area; to gradually implement in Ukraine the European requirements and standards in the fire safety area, which, a priori, should affect the quality and effectiveness of supervision and control over the relevant area; to create a more effective risk assessment system in the relevant area. This, in turn, will facilitate planning procedures for supervision (control) in the fire safety area; special attention should be paid to the system of training and retraining of inspectors who will be involved in supervising over the compliance with fire safety requirements; to develop a system of information support of controlled objects, which in turn will become an important preventive measure against violations of the norms of the current legislation in the relevant field by the latter.


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