The article considers terrorism as a complex socio-political and scientific problem, the solution of which requires the use of a systemic and complex interdisciplinary approach. The author emphasizes that terrorism as a social phenomenon requires research in the field of criminal, administrative, constitutional, international law, criminology, political science, sociology, psychology and other sciences. It was proven that activity of international institutes to combat terrorism is impossible without the functioning of special national bodies authorized to carry out anti-terrorist activities, which in the EU take the form of special law enforcement institutes. It is pointed the described approach to limiting police units exclusively to operational powers in the field of combating terrorism on the territory of Ukraine is unjustified and contradicts the above practice of foreign countries. An author believes that in order to modernize and strengthen the functions of the National Police in the field of combating terrorism, it is advisable to implement the best experience of foreign countries in this field. Key aspects of the best experience of foreign countries in the field of operation of special units for combating terrorism, in order to strengthen the role of the special unit of the National Police “KORD” in the specified area are suggested.


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