Levels of Interaction between Pre-Trial Investigation Agencies


It has been established that international (interstate) level of interaction between pre-trial investigation agencies has various manifestations aimed at solving specific tasks. Its occurrence is due to the specificity of the committed criminal offenses and the objective necessity of involving the assistance of foreign pre-trial investigation entities in order to achieve the latter’s aim.

It has been concluded that the levels of interaction between pre-trial investigation agencies represent a kind of level of jointly agreed, regulated by legal norms activity, which is determined by: first, the legal status of the participating agency; secondly, the very task that must be solved in the process of such interaction.

It has been argued that it is expedient, while characterizing specific levels of interaction, to use different criteria for their allocation, in particular: 1) according to the coverage of state borders, we should distinguish: intraterritorial and extraterritorial levels; 2) by subject range of interaction: a) central (level of the Main Investigative Department of the National Police, the central department of the SSU, etc.); b) regional (level of regions and districts); c) interregional (interdistrict and interregional interaction); 3) in accordance with the departmental affiliation of the interaction entities: intradepartmental and inter-departmental levels.

It has been noted that the listed levels can be combined by any methods stipulated by the requirements for ensuring the effectiveness of the pre-trial investigation, for example, interregional and interdepartmental levels, international and interdepartmental, etc.


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