On the prospects of establishing the intellectual property high court: foreign experience


The article is devoted to the current issues regarding the establishment and prospects of development of the Intellectual Property High Court in Ukraine, the process of its operation and the use of foreign experience of specialized judicial institutions in the field of intellectual property law. In Ukraine, unlike the other countries, there is no experience of the operation of Intellectual Property High Court (herein-after the IP Court) – a judicial institution specializing in settlement of disputes in the field of intellectual property rights. Due to the progressive approach of the legislator, the Intellectual Property High Court will consider disputes concerning all intellectual property rights, which are granted legal protection under the legislation of Ukraine, provided that such disputes are subject to the rules of commercial litigation. One of the most successful examples of the functioning of a specialized court in the field of intellectual property law
in Europe is the experience of the Federal Patent Court in Germany, that can be adapted to some extent to Ukrainian realities.


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