The procedure for recognizing the validity of marriages with a foreign element


The article considers the collision issues of the procedure for recognizing the validity of marriages, concluded with the participation of citizens of Ukraine in the European Union, under the laws of Ukraine. In the conditions of modern development of society and social relations, new forms of marriages and the procedure of their conclusion are emerging, and later on – their recognition, so the outlined problems require appropriate research for the purpose of the improvement of the proper legal regulation. The presence in the acts of the current legislation of Ukraine of contradictions between the requirements for persons who intend to enter into a legitimate marriage indicates the existence of a scientific problem in the legal literature. In general, positively perceiving the conditions of marriage invalidity established in the Family Code of Ukraine, the authors methodologically built a study in such a sequence (analysis of current legislation of Ukraine on the problems of marriage with a “foreign element”, grounds of invalidity of marriage and the recognition of validity of marriages of Ukrainian citizens concluded under the law of a foreign state.


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